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Finding Moments of Reflection
Finding Moments of Reflection

by Chantal Graupmann

Sometimes I wonder about Mary, the mother of Jesus. Who was she? How did she worship, parent, love? What thoughts went through her mind during key events of her life? I often wonder about Mary during this time of year. She did, after all, give birth to our Savior, the whole reason behind the celebration of Christmas.

As I started reading through the birth of Jesus in my Bible, a verse caught my attention, “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” Luke 2:19. I am still in awe when I read that verse. 

Can you picture this? Strangers are coming from afar to see and prophesy over baby Jesus. Mary is a new mother. Rather than reacting with the fierceness of a mother, she simply listens and ponders. How many of us would react the way Mary did? I know I would not. I would be asking questions, and probably be trying to shield my new baby from this crazy world! 

We can’t know exactly what Mary knew about her son, but I think I am safe in saying she had no idea the impact this little baby’s birth made on the world.

I continued to think on this verse and I wondered, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas, do we do as Mary did? Do we treasure and ponder the birth of our Savior? Most often we do not. We whiz through the many events leading up to Christmas without a moment of true, deep reflection on Christ’s birth and what it meant. 

As I strive to live for Christ, this realization got me thinking how this holiday season should be different for my family. Maybe some activities need to be let go or new ones need to be included. The process of purposefully pondering Christ in our holiday season will likely never be complete, but one thing I know I can always come back to as we add or subtract from our holiday to-do list is this: treasure is not found everywhere, it is carefully kept and often concealed.



Thank you, Lord, for your grand plan and the birth of your son. We confess that we often neglect to ponder the true meaning of the season. As we celebrate Jesus’ birth, help us to treasure and ponder the events that have taken place for us. Strengthen us to be open to any convictions the Holy Spirit may place on our hearts regarding this busy season, and help us to seek Christ in a new way. 

Chantal Graupmann is an Air Force wife and mother to two children. She is striving to serve women in the midst of motherhood and military life, and is passionate about building community. She loves finding time for DIY projects, experimental cooking, and travel.