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Welcome to the CMWF Blog! We hope you'll find some encouragement and comfort here through stories of military life and truth from God's Word.

by Molly Huggins

​My husband and I, we are both helicopter pilots. 

I say are, although it’s been five long years since I sat in the driver’s seat of my favorite machine. Are, because the love and longing never quite go away, and I hang onto my husband’s every word as he tells me about his days, his months, his missions for all the time he was away from me. 

(We have a strict “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy when it comes to the danger he faces on deployment. I wait until he comes home and then I binge on the stories. A result of his first deployment where fear was a battle I almost lost.)

And then he tells me about one VERY close call, and my throat closes up a little, and my stomach turns, and I have to stop listening for a little while. Because, sisters of mine, I am momentarily stunned anew by the gifts we’ve been given, smack in the middle of this chaotic Army life. 

I am one stray bullet from being a widow. I am a one dollar test away from a child with special needs, ravaged by the effects of unchecked jaundice. (Go here to read my friend’s story). I'm white in a world where my brothers and sisters of color still routinely suffer violence and oppression. I’m rich by the world’s standards and I have three healthy children that I know can be lost in a moment. 

And the perspective, it sure doesn’t make me hurt less on days that are hard and achy, but it never fails to make me thank Him more, praise Him more. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. ~ James 1:17

We are moving to a new (big) city in three months, and I’ll be a belly-swollen, bone-tired toddler mama desperate for roots and community and weeks away from giving birth. But still, I’ll be on my knees, all gratitude for the gifts, and the steadfastness of a Father who shows no shadow of turning from me. 

Sisters, in seasons of difficulty, how can you be thankful? 

Molly Huggins is an Army bride, one-time helicopter pilot, compulsive writer, friend seeker, and lover of color and all things textile. Her current occupation is ringmaster of the Huggins family circus (party of five). She has a B.A. in English from Covenant College and a passion for meeting other women right in the middle of their own messy stories. Pull up a chair at her virtual beat-up kitchen table, listen to her stories, and maybe even tell her yours.

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Avatar  Ginger Harrington 7 years ago

It is often better not to get the dangerous details until they are home safely. I am challenged by your perspective to let the danger and the risk move us to gratitude. Great post.