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Splashed: Trusting God in the Storm
I hate getting splashed. I mean, I really hate getting splashed. I don't like running through the sprinkler or getting sprayed with the hose. I don't even like getting splashed when I'm in the pool. The problem is, in life, we get splashed a lot. God gave me an image a few years ago when everything in my life was falling apart. I would curl up in a ball in my bed and cry, begging God to hold me as I cried myself to sleep. But God gave me this beautiful image of a small child, curled up in His great big hands with waves crashing all around underneath and lightning striking across the sky, sleeping peacefully and blissfully unaware.

That's a beautiful image, and it has carried me through many dark nights. But it would probably be more accurate if the little girl were sleeping in a wet soppy puddle in God's hands. Oh, how I long to be blissfully unaware of the pain, devastation, and sin that surrounds me! How I would love to snuggle with my Papa God, unscathed by the storms. But you and I both know that when the storms come, we get splashed, even in the safety of our Creator's hands.

God has offered us many promises in His Word. He promised to always be with us (Joshua 1:9), He promised to deliver us from bondage if we commit ourselves to Him (1 Samuel 7:3). But He never promised it would be easy. When He promised to carry us over the storms of life, He never promised that we wouldn't get wet.

Friend, are you getting splashed? I know I am. I feel like a soppy, wet mess. But I am SAVED. I cannot be devoured by the rising waters! I cannot be lost at sea! My Pappa God will hold me safely and securely in His hands. He will not drop me! Do you know that friend? Do you believe it? Can you wipe the wet hair from your eyes for just a minute to peek out over God's hands and take sight of the roaring storm? Can you see what you are being delivered from? Together, let's be mindful to stop fussing when we get splashed and be grateful that we've been saved!

1 Timothy 1:12 "That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day."



What storms in my life are causing me panic and fear?

Am I trusting God to carry me through these storms?

What fears do I need to surrender to Him?

Where can I see God’s hand in these storms and thank Him for it, even now?


Father God, You are my strong tower, my refuge. Thank You for carrying me through so many storms. Even when storms rise up on every side, I know that my salvation lies in You, and it cannot be shaken! Help me to trust in Your strength, and surrender my fears to You in this season. I believe that You are strong enough to carry me through this. Give me the strength to endure hardship and heartache for Your Name’s sake. Amen.




Heather Tabers is the wife of a wounded warrior and the mother of five children. She is also currently a full time student, a specialty cake baker, and a volunteer with the VA Public Relations office. She writes about her life and her faith to encourage other women on her blog Wives of WAR.

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Avatar  SPARK 8 years ago

Fear and trust are core issues , I think, to every Christian. Just when we have conquered it, we get a new area of trust we need to get victory in. I would suppose it is how the Lord grows our faith in Him.

I've enjoyed all the wonderful posts on FB and I am glad to see you ladies have a blog.