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On New Year's Resolutions
On New Year's Resolutions

by Brandis Trionfo

Every year, I make a list of a gazillion resolutions that I swear I'm going to follow through on. I'm going to lose a ton of weight, save money, organize my house, etc.

It takes about a week before, well, life takes over.

This year I was challenged by the leader of my community group to come up with one word. Just ONE word for the entire year for us to focus on.

How hard can it be to choose one word? Harder than I expected. I consulted my Bible, my best friend, and tried to come up with something clever. I kept coming back to the word intentional. It's not a fancy word and I'm not sure it's even the right word, but I can't stop thinking about it.

My best friend messaged me on New Year's Day and asked me about my resolutions. I told her rather than come up with a list of things I'd never accomplish, my goal was to be more intentional at diving into God's Word. I wanted to yell less and love more with my kiddos. And in general, I wanted to be more joyful in all I do.

Intentional is defined as "done on purpose, deliberate." I want to DO life ON PURPOSE. I want to dive into the Word of God. I want to giggle and tickle and give my kids the mom they deserve rather than the tired, stressed one they're so used to. I want to live life for God's purpose, not mine. 

Proverbs 19:21 says, "You can make many plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail."

So my goal is to be intentional in all I do. I want to speak life into people I meet, I want to bring joy to myself and my children by living through God's Word, and ultimately I want to have a year that is lived FOR the Lord.

Tell me, friends, what's one word that you can use this year to bring yourself closer to God?

Questions for Reflection:

*What is one word you can use to motivate yourself for the new year?

*How can you be more intentional at being in God's Word?

Happy New Year, friends. I hope this year is wonderful for you and I hope at the end I can bring the good news of how intentional I was this year. :)

Brandis is a former Sailor turned Air Force wife, a stay at home mom to 3 kids, and a lover of rustic country decor. She misses the Navy almost daily but is so very thankful for the time she gets with her family, dogs, & friends living near the beach.